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Find - Fund - Fix - Flip/Hold

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We do the legwork for you.  My team is out daily looking for the ugliest houses out there.  

Our search methods may be unconventional, but they work, and we make money for our clients and ourselves.

Have a prospect?  Let's partner up and get it done!



Cash is king, but if you don't have a $200k sitting around, we have options to get your Flip/Hold project started and completed for as little as 5% of acquisition/rehab costs.  

Creativity gets the deal done!



Friends get it done right and on budget.  We have been working with the sames trades for years.  They are our friends and family.  Fair and friendly and most importantly on or under budget.  

Foundation, roofing, flooring, cabinets, contertops, HVAC, drywall/paint, carpentry, architectural,  and landscaping professionals are all ready and eager for another Team Billy project.


Flip or Hold

We work with you to determine your goals and find the house/project that fits.  Not every house is a flip.  The "realality" TV shows are all about the Flip, but Holding a house has its benefits. Cashflow, asset accumulation, tax deductions, and more.  

Wouldn't you like for someone else to payoff your houses?

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